REWIND the Amiga

Welcome to, a dedicated collection to the Amiga video memory !

The Amiga was a personal computer manufactured and sold by Commodore International Ltd. between 1985 and 1994. Ahead of its time, the machine was offering very advanced multimedia specifications such as high-quality graphic and sound, video editing capabilities and a multitasking operating system. Several important software are born on this platform, like DeluxePaint, an ‘ancestor’ of Photoshop, some broadcast oriented solutions named Scala Multimedia and VideoToaster or even 3D modeler and rendering tools like Lightwave and Cinema 4D, still very used in the Cinema and advertising industry nowadays. Although it was more popular in Europe than in his motherland, the Amiga got in the US some nice hours of glory for being used by NASA for years or at the movies (Jurassic Park) and TV (Babylon 5, SeaQuest). Today, the machine is still very popular. After the demise of Commodore, several companies successively bought the brand, never stopped making new software and hardware, as long as new generation machines.

The first goal of this website is to reunite as many videos linked to the Amiga as possible. From TV commercials to boring 2-hour long tutorials, without forgetting the institutional films selling the machine as the “most amazing” computer ever, we want to make available hours of videos to the Amiga community, and this in the best quality available. More than 95% of these tapes are part of the collection and the totality have been converted in-house.
Many of these can already be found online. That’s great, more we are, better it is. The intention is not to copy anyone but strengthen your chances to find and watch the video you are looking for. So many websites have disappeared without leaving a trace, remember Commodore Billboard or Back2roots.

A future step would eventually consist of obtaining (even as a loan) masters copies and preserve (at least digitally) those in the best future-proof conditions. To get there, could be used as a portfolio to demonstrate its mission and helps convincing the different actors involved in the making of these. Who knows, even some of them would accept interviews and bring us wonderful backend Amiga stories.

Finally, every help for getting new videos is welcomed. Feel free to contact us if you have to send, loan, sell or give any tape or piece of film talking about our favorite machine.

The Amiga deserves his video memory to be preserved !