The Amiga also appears in the movies and on TV, find here some examples :

City Slickers, directed by Ron Underwood, starring Billy Crystal, Bill Stern and Jack Palance.
When : 00:12:30, the scene at the office. I also left the part of the End Titles naming the Amiga in the thanks credits.
Where : Located on the desk in the back; Mitch (Billy Crystal) is using the turned-off monitor as a mirror.

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Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel, directed by Peter Timm, starring Ulrich Mühe (Das Leben der Anderen).
When : 00:51:20, the scene at the football field.
Where : Located on the desk on the right side of the screen; It could be a 600 but for some reason I’m pretty sure it’s a 1200.

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Nutella France TV commercials

All Rights Reserved © Ferrero France
1991, 1993

If you know any other TV shows, feature or short films, from anywhere in the World, where the Amiga shows up, let us know and we will complete the list !